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Star light Cameras    Star Level IP cameras night vision
Star light Cameras in car    Star Level IP cameras night vision in car
Perspective Cameras
This image technology enables you to look behind the blinding reflection and see the scenes going on at the back of the glass surface. It is similar to seeing the fish swimming inside an aquarium despite its reflective surface.
Fog Cameras    

Under ordinary circumstances, the thick fog will block your vision and all you see is a white cloud. But our camera has a mist filter enhanced processing capabilities that makes vision strong enough to penetrate thick fogs. Through this technology, your vision is enhanced 1 times its usual distance. As such, if you are riding a boat in a thick fog, you can guide it through using this technology.

Car plate Cameras    being used in the license plate recognition technology, is sensitive and strong enough to distinguish a car's plate number at night. This is made possible by extending the shutter exposure time of the camera in order to increase the brightness of the video screen. When you come face to face with the car headlights, your ordinary camera cannot be adjusted to ignore the bright light and capture the car's license plates clearly. All you will see is a black picture due to overexposure. But our technology allows the camera under such a complex environment, to easily read out the license plate number.

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