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Professional manufacturer of CCTV camera
Our Advantages:
1. Multiple independent invention patent technology, legal rights
2.Standardized plants and garden-style factory
3.Specialized production line, the aging room, darkroom
4. Professional testing equipment (oscilloscope, test card, LED tester, light boxes)
5. Professional cleaning (air compressor), cleaning equipment (ultrasonic cleaning machine)
6. Professional OLPF device (dispenser, ultraviolet light, the programmer)
7. More than 20 years production experience in CCTV
8. Experienced quality engineer control and improve product quality
9. Skilled assembly team, superior quality awareness
10. Standardized production process and testing procedures
11. Provide screen printing, marking, packaging, catalog design services
Screws, pillars and necessary accessories offered at cost price
12. Provide customized and procurement agent services, rich supplier resources and preferential prices
13. Offer product development, change program, adjust color and other services by high level of R & D engineers
14. Standardized management processes
15. Preferential prices and win-win situation
16.Delivery on time and quality assurance
17. Factory visit service available, the company name and logo can be customized
18. Pure neutral workshops and factory
19. Whether you are a domestic or foreign trade, we can provide free office space
20. Honest business values



GuangZhou HIKWON Electronics Co., LTD.
Address: 4th floor, No.400-2B tangxia chongdong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China,
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