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  Our company is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. Guangzhou is one of China’s largest city and is the place where most of China’s security industry is located. Many technologically advanced products are born here in this highly modern city. With a daily production of our own leading-edge and state-of-the-art products, our factory performance is very high. This is primarily because of remarkably competent human resources, and also, the Chinese people are very hard-working.


  Guangzhou Hikwon Technology Electronic Co.,Ltd was established in 1995 as a technology research and development company with its main business dedicated to provide technical support for its clients. In 2000, the business joined and participated in the security industry, in line with China’s economic development.
Particularly, as an offshoot of this development, the security industry, at that time, was experiencing technological progress with the improvement of security gadgets. For example, the analog VCR underwent upgrading to DVR mode. Then it was upgraded further to IP-way and  there is coaxial TVI HD mode recently.The changes in technology development, there was few business like us with  professional and technical experience to keep up with these  new technology . Somehow, our company managed to float with the upstream flow of the industry.


  Currently, the company has six patents obtained mainly for image processing. Relevant circumstances include, as follows:

1- Our patented reflector is used to filter out unnecessary reflection on a glass surface. This image technology enables you to look behind the blinding reflection and see the scenes going on at the back of the glass surface. It is similar to seeing the fish swimming inside an aquarium despite its reflective surface.
Particularly, this is a convenient help for the traffic police especially in checking for driving irregularities. Through this technique, the traffic police could see if the driver is wearing a seatbelt, if he is using the phone while driving, or if he is committing some other traffic violations inside the car. For monitoring the jewelry counter in the items, the effect is also very good use.

2- Under ordinary circumstances, the thick fog will block your vision and all you see is a white cloud. But our camera has a mist filter enhanced processing capabilities that makes vision strong enough to penetrate thick fogs. Through this technology, your vision is enhanced 1 times its usual distance. As such, if you are riding a boat in a thick fog, you can guide it through using this technology.

In the same manner, when you are driving a car on a long bridge, you can see very far thus avoid collisions. In case of a traffic accident on the bridge, In china, they use this to Observation the traffic and seen clearly from the monitoring center despite the blinding lane lights, also use it For the observation of forest fire prevention

3- One technology is also very useful for medical purposes as when inserting an injection needle into the vein.

Sometimes, intravenous injections are difficult especially when the veins cannot be prominently seen or felt.

In such instances, you can use our technology to locate the vein. In addition, our technology can also be used to find out vein abnormalities in your body.

4- One camera, being used in the license plate recognition technology, is sensitive and strong enough to distinguish a car’s plate number at night. This is made possible by extending the shutter exposure time of the camera in order to increase the brightness of the video screen.
When you come face to face with the car headlights, your ordinary camera cannot  be adjusted to ignore the bright light and capture the car’s license plates clearly. All you will see is a black picture due to overexposure. But our technology allows the camera under such a complex environment, to easily read out the license plate number.

  We are continuously improving our existing products, and studying more new products at the same time. This includes designing wearable devices and experiencing better platform for software. It is our constant desire and hope that our their efforts can ultimately result in helping our customers.


  Thanks to the strong development of China, security industry and to good supporting facilities, our company has in turn developed a variety of timely items, as follows:

>IPCAM, also called Webcam, which is based on high-definition digital transmission technology that affects processing.

>CUBE, a camera with an SD memory slot. It can store video and has WIFI function. You can also connect to an ordinary TCP network. Usually, the unit is equipped with audio capture and output speakers.

>NVR, a dedicated camera CUBE IPCAM and storage device. It involves a network of video data. Also, through the Internet rumor video, data can be received and managed at the other end of the network, including the ability to use mobile phones and devices, and view NVR manipulation

>DVR, is designed for analog cameras. It is mainly responsible for storing video, and forwarding video data for security management. We have developed more advanced DVR, wherein you can access ordinary analog camera and can also be connected coaxially with TVI HD camera. Likewise, you can take a small number of network cameras such as IPCAM. and also an NVR. as it can receive and manage at the other end of the network. Mobile phones and mobile devices can also view and manipulate NVR.

>TVI, which is one of the most advanced analog HO technology. Image clarity acquisition can reach 1080P, but it is not transmitted through the network lines. Coaxial cable is used to transmit with the transmission distance of up to and over 500 meters away.

>SportCAM that enhances beauty of movement, so that people always want to join and share in the recording. HD output terminals provide our SportCAM 1080P with HO video effects and HDMI. And with its high speed, the SportsCAM can easily capture even high-speed actions. These cameras are waterproof, shock, and drop resistant.

>CAR DVR is designed for a moving car. Car accidents sometimes lead to disputes as to who is the one to blame. With the CAR DVR with WIFI, the whole process is recorded. The actual incident can be viewed clearly and it becomes easy to pinpoint who is at fault. You can also view the video using your cell phone screen, or you can share the video to a friend.
Buy from us and sell our products all over the world. Our products are new and will last a relatively long period of time. Usually, after a period of only one year after the products have been marketed and spread globally, you will begin to experience huge profit coming in. The longer you cooperate with us, the more inevitable making money becomes.
>Network Video Door Station. we will provide our customers with an easy to install video door station that extends the capabilities of the security system. it allows our customers to quickly and easily identify and communicate with persons at the door and securely let them in.
The door station comes with a high-performing intercom function that provides clear and echo-free two-way speech with visitors and an integrated HDTV camera with WDR and excellent low-light performance. 
 The door station makes it possible to communicate and identify visitors and enables remote entry control from an IP-desk phone, a mobile device or directly in a Video Managment System (VMS).


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