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HW-ND101 series

Key Features

  • Network Video Door Station is an open IP-based door station for two-way communication
  • high-definition video and remote entry contro
  • It is an ideal complement to any surveillance installation and offers new levels of security for effective identification and entry control
  • 120 degree wide angle
  • WIFI inside



HIKWON has a proven track record of bringing product innovation to the security and surveillance market. With HIKWON HW-ND101 we will provide our customers with an easy to install video door station that extends the capabilities of the security system. HIKWON HW-ND101 allows our customers to quickly and easily identify and communicate with persons at the door and securely let them in. This is a perfect complement to any surveillance system and as easy to install as any network camera,” said Peter Lindström, Director of New Business at HIKWON Communications.
HIKWON HW-ND101 is a weather- and vandal-proof video door station suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. The door station comes with a high-performing intercom function that provides clear and echo-free two-way speech with visitors and an integrated HDTV camera with WDR and excellent low-light performance. The unit offers reliable 24/7 identification of visitors even in the most challenging environments. Power over Ethernet allows for installation with a single network cable and provides sufficient power to support and control most standard door locks directly from the unit.
For small- to mid-sized installations, such as retail stores and offices, HIKWON HW-ND101 will help improve security of the premises and simplify everyday operations. The door station makes it possible to communicate and identify visitors and enables remote entry control from an IP-desk phone, a mobile device or directly in a Video Managment System (VMS).
For enterprise installations, such as airports or larger industries where integration of different systems such as video surveillance, access control, IP telephony are needed, HIKWON HW-ND101 is based on open standards and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). By being fully compliant with ONVIF, VAPIX and SIP the product is easy to integrate with other systems. This enables HIKWON' Application Development Partners to provide solutions that meet specific customer requirements.
“Genetec's vision to offer customers a holistic approach to security management that includes video surveillance, access control and SIP-based communications through our Security Center software, coupled with the seamless integration of the HIKWON HW-ND101 Network Video Door Station, will ensure end users attain a greater level of situational awareness. Not only will they be able to respond to incoming calls while viewing live video from HIKWON HW-ND101, but they will also be able to take action from a single unified interface, such as unlocking a door or locking down a facility” said Jimmy Palatsoukas Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Genetec.
The product will be supported in HIKWON Camera Station 4.20 planned for launch in May and HIKWON Video Hosting System (AVHS). Video management software from HIKWON' Application Development Partners such as Aimetis, Genetec, Honeywell, Milestone and SeeTec will have full support for HIKWON HW-ND101.

Further features of the HIKWON HW-ND101 Network Video Door Station include:
* Acoustic echo cancelation and noise reduction
* Multiple inputs and outputs for remote control of doors-locks and other equipment
* Support for third party mobile application for identification and remote entry